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Home Mortgage Relief

Usually if something seems too good to be true, it is. However, under a new Streamlined Modification Initiative, announced by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, mortgage service officers are required to offer borrowers who are 3 to 24 months delinquent a plan to avoid foreclosure. Notice of eligibility will be coming by mail, so if […]

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How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Score?

Many clients contemplating filing bankruptcy are concerned about the impact of filing on their credit score.  Often they believe a filing will affect their score for 8 years.  In fact, currently a bankruptcy will be part of your financial record indefinitely.  However, often the best way to improve a score in the long term is […]

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Mortgage Relief: Steps to Avoid Foreclosure

  Are you one of many clients looking for relief on your mortgage?  Michigan law now provides for a 90-day pre-foreclosure negotiation period, to hopefully avoid a foreclosure on your primary residence. Before a lender can begin the foreclosure process, he must send a notice (prescribed by statute) and comply with the 90-day process to […]

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