Marijuana Q & A

Recreational marijuana became legal in Michigan as of November 2018. Yet many questions remain about usage. Here are a few answers.

Who can use marijuana?
Under Michigan law, anyone 21 or older can use marijuana and travel with up to 2.5 oz. anywhere except on school property, a school bus or a correctional facility.

Where can I buy it?
At this time you cannot legally purchase recreational marijuana. The state is still working on the structure of issuing licenses. Best guess is you will see recreational marijuana stores open by early 2020.

Where can I legally consume marijuana?
By law, it is illegal to consume marijuana in a public space, punishable by a civil infraction.

What about drug testing?
Michigan is an at-will employment state, so that means employees can be hired or fired because of marijuana use.

How does Federal law affect my use?
Even though Michigan has legalized recreational marijuana, you are committing a Federal crime by possessing, buying or selling marijuana. Federal law treats marijuana as a controlled substance, just like cocaine or heroin. While you can be charged with a Federal crime for legal use of marijuana in Michigan, law enforcement agencies are generally reluctant to do so.

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