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What is title work?

Title work, or research, is done to make ensure the title is clean.

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Michigan Eliminates Dower Rights

For over 150 years, Michigan law held that a ‘married woman’ had a dower interest in any real estate owned by her husband. The law dictated that a husband could not sell any of his real estate without the signature and consent of his spouse. The justification of these dower rights dates back to when women […]

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Title Insurance: What are you buying?

In virtually every real estate transaction, title insurance will be required.  Both lender and purchasers want to be certain that title to the property is free and clear.  That means the property is not encumbered by delinquent taxes, unpaid liens, undisclosed heirs or other entanglements. After the signing of a purchase agreement, a request for […]

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Prenuptials and Estate Planning

PRENUPTIALS AND ESTATE PLANNING Prenuptial agreements are often considered in the context of a potential divorce. However, they should also be considered as part of an estate plan. Prenuptials typically cover three areas: protection of separate property, division of property and inheritance rights. A prenuptial can protect pre-marital or inherited assets from becoming mixed with […]

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Home Mortgage Relief

Usually if something seems too good to be true, it is. However, under a new Streamlined Modification Initiative, announced by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, mortgage service officers are required to offer borrowers who are 3 to 24 months delinquent a plan to avoid foreclosure. Notice of eligibility will be coming by mail, so if […]

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